5 Reasons I Like Twitter & Instagram Better Than Facebook

5 Reasons I Like Twitter & Instagram Better Than Facebook

So, I promised myself that once my website got revamped I would make an effort to use it more as the great tool it is and write more blogs. Some serious & some fun, because we all know I like to have my fun.

So here we go!

5 Reasons I like Twitter & Instagram better than Facebook.

1) Facebook people think they know me, but they don’t.

Being brutally honest, people on Facebook are my friends because we went to grade school, high school, college or did something crazy together, that is it. Most likely, we weren’t even friends in school or had one real conversation. You saw me in the hallway or lunchroom and know me still by who I was back then. The reality is, times have changed and how many some odd years later I am nowhere near that geeky little guy I used to be. You may still have me in your head as the person I was back then, but man have I grown into a much more goal oriented, focused and determined person. I’m not who I was then and most people don’t get it.

The coolest part about Twitter & Instagram is that people are more friendly. They don’t have that pre-concieved idea of who you were in grade school and see who you are right now. In my experience, this creates a much better atmosphere.

2) I feel like I don’t know anyone on Facebook anymore.

How true is this? If you are like me, when you seldom log onto Facebook and dreadfully click on your news feed wondering what kind of craziness will pop on your screen, you don’t even know who is who anymore. People have different names and you can’t seem to recall how you even knew them in the first place. I get it, most chicks get married and change names and it usually takes me a good 20 minutes to figure out who you were. But what about the people who go by one name or a nick name? Or don’t post any pictures of the real you? I can never figure out who you even were. It would take me a billion years to remove everyone from my friends list, so I just don’t.

3) Facebook feels like a popularity contest.

Yeah, I said it. How many of us couldn’t wait to be out of high school!? This was most likely because everything was a popularity contest. Tell me what the difference on Facebook? The truth is that it is the same thing. Want some examples? How about – ‘Hey check out my vacation pics!’ or ‘I work from home and you don’t, I love my job!’ or ‘check out my babies, nobody has ever seen a baby like mine…it’s just the most beautiful baby on the planet!’

Listen, I’m just being honest. There is nothing wrong with sharing you life and what you do. It’s all about intention, if you are posting things to make other feel envious, it is usually obvious. If you post things to inspire or just to share and interact with people, that is great. I think the focus need to be less on how many ‘likes’ your status gets and more on what the post meant to you in the first place. People care way to much about ‘likes’. That is high school all over again.

4) I’m tired of being invited to like your page, events & to play games on Facebook.

Need I say more. Get all your pages, events & games out of my face. I don’t have enough time in the day already without logging on to see 40 event invites. Get your hands out of my pockets. This is what I love about Instagram & Twitter, it’s simple and people can’t spam you.

5) Facebook people are boring.

The truth can hurt. I believe that because Facebook is high school all over again, people are scared to post things out of the ordinary because they won’t get ‘likes’. I know it sounds crazy, but if I logged onto my news feed right now it wouldn’t see anything other than post about the weather sucking, the olympics, pictures of puppies and babies and maybe an advertisement. However, when I log onto Twitter & Instagram, I see people are going hard for their dreams unafraid of sharing their journey. On Facebook, I personally see the journey to my dreams constantly frowned upon. It’s toxic and I don’t want any part of it. That is why I spend my time elsewhere. Many people I know direct message me on Facebook daily and express the same feeling. They share photos and statuses on Twitter & Instagram that they wouldn’t dream of posting on Facebook. Facebook people bore me.

Thanks for reading! Hope y’all feel me. I don’t hate Facebook, I use it. Just mostly for music promotion.
See y’all on Twitter & Instagram!

God is Love,

What do you guys use more & why?

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