If Jesus Had A Twitter

If Jesus Had A Twitter

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Most of you know that I am huge into Twitter & Instagram. If you know me, you know my feelings about good ol’ Facebook.

For the past few days though, I have been thinking.

Lately, deep thoughts run through my head before I press ‘post’ on every tweet I think up.

The big question I end up thinking is – what if Jesus had a twitter and followed me.

What would he think about the things I say and do? What would I think about the things he said and did?

Or better yet, would I really want to follow Him? Like really…follow Him like the disciples followed Him.

It wasn’t an easy life.

When we read the bible and hear about Jesus’ life, we have the fortunate position of retrospect. Countless authors, pastors and theologists spend their entire lives helping others understand and find meaning in his life and messages.

If you are like me, when you watch movies like ‘The Passion of Christ’ & ‘Son of God’ you find yourself yelling, “Judas! You scumbag!” or “Simon Peter, What the $%^# are you thinking!” or “If I was there, I would smack the %^$& out of these stupid Pharisees and this idiot Pontious Pilate!”. If you are like me, you think you would have been so different.

Knowing what we know, there is no way we would be like them. We would never deny Jesus! Right?!

Or would we?

The older & wiser I get – I realize more and more that these people are a representation of us all in every way.

Even though we have the fortunate view of history and understand Jesus really was the Son of God, every single day of our lives we do the same things.

We betray Jesus. We deny Jesus. We question the very fact Jesus is who He says he is.

If Jesus had a Twitter, I can say personally for a fact he wouldn’t appreciate many of my tweets before, I dont know…2012? That was when I started using it for good. Before that, most of my tweets were often very selfish and sometimes tweets that sounded off.

I definitely didn’t #thinkbeforeyoutweet.

Nowadays, I try to be very inspirational in everything I do with the idea of Jesus following me in my mind. What would he want me to tweet? How would he prefer that I phrased what I am about to say? These questions are very important to me nowadays.

If Jesus had a Twitter, despite what people say, I think we would all have a very, very, very, very, very, very, very hard time clicking that icon for…’Follow @Jesus’.

Even knowing who he is, would we want to hear what he has to say? Would we want Jesus to change the way we live our lives? Would we want Jesus to see everything we tweeted, replied to and re-tweeted on Twitter?

What would you tweet to Him? Would you even?

If you didn’t follow @Jesus, would you get into Heaven?

What would he say about news & trending things?

If Jesus had a Twitter, I believe we would all treat social media differently.

We might share different things than we share now. We may change our profile description. We might have different friends. We may do many things differently.

This is the thing, I’ve got news for you all.

I believe Jesus does have a hypothetical Twitter.

I believe He follows everyone of us.
I believe He has followed every single one of us since before our conception.
I believe He doesn’t just see our tweets, but that He knows everything we think about tweeting, even when we don’t tweet it.
I believe He is waiting for each and everyone of us to follow Him back.
I believe He wants to tweet to you.
I believe you have to unblock him first.
I believe He wants to speak through you.
I believe a whole bunch more than this but you get the point, right?

Today, even though Jesus isn’t literally on Twitter tweeting, he has messages that transcend through time.

Jesus is on Twitter. Jesus knows everything you tweet. Jesus knows everything you were going to tweet. Jesus knows the real reason you tweeted what you tweeted.

Jesus knows everything you think, do, almost did, intentions for everything. Jesus is here. Jesus is real.

If Jesus had a Twitter, which he does, what would you do? Would you follow Him? Would you change the things you tweet?

Food for thought.

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