The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

If you must know, aside from being a guitarist, singer, friend, father, and a whole lot of other equally as awesome things, I am a total computer noob.

You may know me, you may not. Either way, I am extremely excited to finally be able to post blogs here at Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors on my blogs as mentioned above, I am a noob. One thing I am not though, is afraid of being me. If there is one thing I have learned, and there are a lot of things, it’s that there is no better image to portray than being true to yourself. Love yourself because despite of what you may think, you are perfect in the only eyes that matter, God’s eyes.

I haven’t always had this knowledge. I worked very hard to have the image of being a ‘tough guy’ for many years of my life. It was the complete opposite of who I am. After a whole lot of life experience, I figured out that pushing out the real me was only making it harder to connect with the people that mattered most to me. It took a lot of courage but I finally fought the fear and started being me. Honestly, it took a lot more time than I had anticipated to really be true to myself all the time because I had become conditioned to put up the ‘tough guy’ front.

Are you putting up a front? Are you honest with the people that you interact with? Who are you, Really? I found that if you ask yourself these questions regularly, even if you’re not honest in your answers at first, eventually, you will be much happier and will start being the you that you were born to be.

Here’s something to think about. Another question that I have asked myself regularly for quite some time now. Have you made anyone’s day better today? It seems as though everyone is trying to step on everyone else trying to achieve happiness, trying to make their own day better. I like to fight that ‘look out for #1’ mentality. Try it, look out for someone else. Try it more than once. In due time you will start to see the world through totally different eyes and the future is much more fulfilling through them.

Again, I am thrilled to be able to share my thoughts in this way despite the fact that I am a noob. I literally have 4 twitter accounts because I can’t remember how to actually log on to the right one.

Stay True Friends!
Mike Dailey


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