3 Years Ago Today, I Lost My Mommy

3 Years Ago Today, I Lost My Mommy

Many of you know that I live this life without a mommy. Crazy to think, 3 years ago today my beautiful mommy went to be with Jesus, my twin brother Carsten and so many other loved ones that were patiently waiting for that smile to light up Heaven one day.

She always taught me to tell the truth. There isn’t a day that goes by that don’t tear up at some point thinking about how life isn’t fair and how much I miss her.

3 years, and it never ever gets any easier. Your brain has a very hard time accepting it. It never gets easier, you just get more used to the absence.

I often find myself excited to tell her things. Sometimes it goes as far as saying her name or picking up the phone to call her. When I do get excited, it always takes a couple seconds for me to realize she isn’t here to talk to.

Today, 3 years after losing her, I would really like to share with each and everyone of you how fast time flies by, and how suddenly we can lose the people we love.

I never really did get to know my brother because we were so young when he passed away. I never knew life with him. I always wondered what it would be like.

I never had to do that with my mommy. I had many amazing years with her, but wow with what I feel today, I would change so much.

I would hug and kiss her every single chance I got. It would be so much she would probably get annoyed with me. I wouldn’t leave her alone. I would laugh with her more, bring her to a movie randomly and buy her popcorn and anything her heart desired. I would embrace every moment of it all.

Mommies are so special. You only have one real mommy.

If you still have yours, take my advice and love her. Hug her. Kiss her. Hold her. Make her proud. Live to make her smile!

That’s what I would do if I had a second chance.

Really missing you mommy bomby. With every ounce of who I am I miss you and will live every moment of this life to make you proud. Give Carsten a big hug and kiss for me!


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