Blessed Beyond Belief

I would like to start by patting myself on the back, I got to this blog post without any technological help from Kevan! As I was getting logged in here on, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about. It’s funny how inspiration works because as soon as I got it opened and was prompted to add a subject, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

It seems like people these days, myself included sometimes, have a sense of entitlement. A selfishness that puts everyone behind or beneath them. I find that people, myself included, tend to forget to appreciate what they have.

Jesus told us to offer our shirt and jacket if they only ask for your jacket. How many times have you been the person asking for someones jacket? (Obviously the jacket is a metaphor) And how many times has someone given you their shirt shoes and jacket when you only ask for a jacket?

And how many times have we offered our shirt jacket and shoes when someone asks for just a jacket?

What I am getting at is this, do you consider yourself to be blessed. I’m not asking if you’re financially stable. I am not asking if you have a steady job or close friends. I am asking generally, do you feel blessed?

I can tell you that I feel blessed. I have had it all, lost it all, gained it back, and lost it again and still I feel blessed. It isn’t the material things or good health that we have that make us blessed. It’s the love that God has shown us that makes us blessed.

We Love because He first Loved us.

The good things that we have in life are all given to us because God wants us to have them. The bad things we experience happen only to make us stronger. To help us appreciate that we have a jacket, a shirt and shoes.

A good friend of mine, Adam, came up with a saying that another friend, Johnny, ended up turning into a song.

“Without the bad times, the good times wouldn’t seem so good”

Even when things appear to be unbearable, there is someone out there that doesn’t have the things that you have. Or worse, they do not have the love that you have. So show love to others. Show love to those whom you love. Show love to your enemies, as hard as it may be.

You are blessed, believe it!


Until Next Time


Much Love,

Mike Dailey



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