God’s Plan – Album Details

God’s Plan – Album Details


Words literally can’t explain how it feels to finally share this brand new record with each and everyone of you out there. There is so much I wanted to say, but I will try to keep this simple. If one song on this album encourages or inspires just one person out there in this world, even just one – it is a complete success and would have all been worth it.

You see, this record was four years in the making. Smiles, tears, long days, longer nights, prayers, along side emotional and physical exhaustion from doing every single piece of the album writing, producing, mixing, mastering, design and promotion process all by myself would all be worth it if just one person out there can take something positive away from this music.

As I continue to say, I stand before you today a brand new person. Refreshed and rejuvenated to use all that I am to encourage and inspire each and everyone of you to live the life you were made to live with this one opportunity we have. Regardless how lost you have been or how lost you feel right now, I am living proof that there is hope for you.

You are not worthless. In fact, you are priceless.

I don’t have a crazy story about being a recovering drug addict or anything movie worthy. However, I can tell you straight up I have never had it all figured out. Nor will I ever have it all figured out.

I can tell you I have felt lost and worthless many points in my life. When I started writing music, I wrote it for the fun of doing it. That’s all. There was no real purpose for it until I started to grow as a person.

Today, I work extremely hard on growing as a person through my faith in Jesus. This is the backbone to all that I am.

As I grow older and wiser, I see more and more that I am nothing without my faith. It gives me everything I need in this world.

It gives me my self-worth. Knowing I am good enough just the way I am is all that I need to live life and take chances doing things other people are scared to do.

God’s love for each and everyone of us is the best kept secret in the world. It really is.

God’s Plan on the other hand, will always be a mystery.

I truly believe as humans we want consistency in life. That is our safety blanket. It’s what makes us feel safe and secure. We want to know we have a clean bill of health, money in the bank, a roof over our heads and people who think we are super cool.

Unfortunately each and everyone of these things are out of our control. Our health could deteriorate any minute, our bank account could dry up tomorrow, a tornado could blow away our home instantly and if Jesus couldn’t please everyone, what makes us think we can?

The truth is everything in this world other than our attitude, the way we love and conduct ourselves is out of our control. We will drive ourselves mad trying to control everything else. It is impossible.

So what is God’s Plan? The truth is we will never know.

That is the mystery.

I like to tell them like this – we are living God’s Plan when we are focused on surrendering our lives and desires completely over to him to do what He wants with us. By living according to His word, giving everything we are and everything that we will ever be to Him.

What does that mean? Well, to be honest it is often not the easy route. Anybody who thinks that is just plain wrong.

In my experience, it brings much more accountability and responsibility. Two things I never really liked.

Like many others before me, when God spoke to my heart and told me to use my musical talents and leadership abilities in positive and glorifying ways I was initially thinking, “Wait, what, why me?”

Life was so much easier when I could write songs about anything, especially things that didn’t really matter. That was just so easy.

However, as I continue to express, it never ever felt right. I never felt like I was using all my potential or my purpose. I was always longing for more. Often times I would convince myself that because the people liked the music and they were having a good time it was where I was supposed to be.

It’s different today. When I sit down to write a song, I don’t do so to get people slammed. I don’t write songs for money. Though I would love to turn this music thing into a lifelong career, that is entirely up to God and His plan for me.

I believe when you live to please the Father, love people, focus only on what you can control and relentlessly go hard for your dreams you can step out in faith and trust God with all the details. That is God’s Plan.

He made us all unique. We all have a different set of talents and blessings to share with the world. The only obstacle we have is mustering up enough energy to put our sinful being not-good-enough thoughts behind us and realize our potential.

Maybe this record will change one life. Maybe this records will change millions of lives. Either way, I leave it all to Jesus to do what He will.

Either way, it is a complete success.

Let it be known that I feel an incredibly called to do this music thing on a huge level. I feel like my journey and talents are different from anyone else this world has ever seen. I know this passion wasn’t put on my heart for nothing. I will continue to work extremely hard to be ready to walk through any doors that present themselves. Conversely, my faith lets allows me to be content with whatever doors they are.

Today I am at peace with whatever plan God has for my life. My faith that God can and will do all things according to his plan while knowing the work I put in to this record and musical journey gives me that peace.

His will for each and everyone of our lives will blow our wildest dreams away.

Song-List & Meaning


‘Saved’ is a record about the grace of God. It revolves around the very famous bible verse John 3:16. For God so loved the world, that he gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him will never parish, but have everlasting life.

The song also features audio from my baptism as a baby and samples of me in my grandfathers recording studio as a kid.

All of the song elements came together quite beautifully to paint a picture of mystery about being saved. Something we don’t really understand or deserve, but receive anyway by grace simply by believing in Jesus as the son of God.

This track sets the mood for the entire album to follow.

My God Is The Illest

Right from the get-go we move into one of the most hard-hitting and upbeat tracks on the album in ‘My God Is The Illest’.

The song was really written to be a crowd engaging performance song. I have performed this song a couple times and it has turned into my go-to opening song to get the people engaged.

The song itself is a bold acclamation of our faith in Jesus and who we believe he really is. If we believe God is who He says He is, than he really is the most-high. I like to call him the ‘illest’, which means the best!

Kid With A Dream

‘Kid With A Dream’ is the story of my life and this music thing. The entire song depicts the highs and lows on the journey to where I am today. It was written to enlighten people as to the damage they can cause by hating on peoples dreams and how unnecessary it is.

The song features audio samples from Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech for power and ambiance.

If there is any take away from this song, the goal was to show the listener that God lays dreams on our hearts to pursue through thick and thin.

God’s Plan

The title track ‘God’s Plan’ is one of my favorites for obvious reasons. Believe it or not, the one that came to you on this album was about the third or fourth version of the song. Through trial and error, I re-wrote, re-recorded and re-mastered the song to provide the vibe I was really looking for.

The song is a journey in itself. It depicts confusion, wondering why life isn’t enough by itself. How we long for more and even the most lost of us can feel it in our bones. Every step we take is a wrong one unless we are walking for a purpose. It also calls for God’s help to find this purpose and celebrates when we finally do.

How often do we think we know it all but soon realize we don’t? For myself its all to often. God’s Plan is a constant reminder to me how lost I am when I am not living to please the Father and how complete I feel when I am.

Live Today

‘Live Today’ is a very simple yet beautiful song. I wrote this after a long time of feeling like I was delaying everything about who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go until tomorrow. How many of us have set a goal and said, “Eh, I’ll do that tomorrow.’ For me, it was happening all to often.

Most importantly, it was my relationship with Jesus. I would always put off reading the bible and all the other things that felt like ‘chores’ to my faith instead of enjoying and embracing them for what they really were. I always had better things to do than what I should have been doing.

This record was a statement to myself that I was tired of living that way, and that today was the day. Right now was when I was going to change. Hopefully many of you out there can relate and can use this as an anthem to live the way you really want to today and not put it off until tomorrow.

No Tomorrow

This song ‘No Tomorrow’ was really the follow up record to ‘Live Today’, hence why it comes directly afterwards in the track listing. Another simple message, but complex at the same time.

‘No Tomorrow’ is an expression that without Jesus in my life, I was empty. I was living for this shallow world and always wanted more. No matter what, I couldn’t please myself or anyone else. The song also explains that without Jesus in our heart, we will not live forever. Without Jesus, there is no tomorrow – literally.

On the other hand, with Him in our heart, we will all live together forever with Him in paradise.

Everybody Sing Hallelujah

Many of you will recognize that this song ‘Everybody Sing Hallelujah’ resembles one of my older songs, ‘Alleluia (Praise The Lord’. That is because that record was indeed the earlier version of this song.

The original song was my first attempt at going this Christian music route. It was a necessary experiment and stepping stone for where I am today. In all likelihood I would have just left that song alone. However, it was always one of my most popular songs and held a special place in my heart so much that I couldn’t just leave it alone.

The idea for that song was something so beautiful that I had to use my knowledge and where I am at today to revamp it into a better more beautiful record.

Needless to say, the song is all about praising the name of the Lord together and how special that truly is.


One of my favorite songs I have ever written, ‘Blessed’ is all about realizing and focusing on what we have instead of what we wish we had. All to often we get caught up in this world, shallow things and really things that don’t matter. This distracts us from spending time and energy on everything that really does matter while we still can.

It’s all about perspective. Sometimes as sinners we need a swift kick in the butt to realize how jacked up our perspective is. If we constantly saw things for what they really were instead of our sinful and skewed perspective, we would realize how blessed we truly are – despite whatever adversity we face in this world.

Young Kevan Sings (Prelude)

This recording was taken in my grandfathers recording studio when I was 4 years old. He was a super talented singer / songwriter and whenever we came to visit them up north he was throw us in front of his microphone and have us sing. The funny thing is, as you can hear when I was 4 years old I really didn’t have control over my voice or know all the lyrics to ‘This Little Gospel Light’. I just kept singing. 🙂

This studio recording is the prelude to the next song, ‘This Light’.

This Light

Perhaps my most famous record, ‘This Light’ was released in many variations under my previous alias, ‘Bau Down’.

Once again, though this song was released before in a different way, it was much to beautiful and meaningful to me not to redo at the level in which I am at today. Besides the fact it is one of my favorite songs I have ever written, it was always a crowd favorite.

The song idea obviously comes from the simple idea stemming from ‘This Little Gospel Light’ to be a light in this world, and never hide that light. No matter what, be the light that this world needs regardless of the people and obstacles that try their best to put it out.

Born In Memphis – KMB CDB

From the day this song idea popped in my head, I knew it would be special to me. ‘Born In Memphis – KMB CDB’ is the story of two twin boys who came in this world to two loving parents. One boy would lose his life due to health complications and the other would grow up always wondering what if his other half was still here with him.

For many years it left me confused, wondering why I never got the chance to experience life as a twin. Whenever I saw twins I would get jealous and envious of them. To be honest, I still fight that feeling today. My strength and power never came until I took that adversity and turned it into responsibility.

Instead of drowning in my sorrow and being upset with twins who have one another, I worked hard to realize that I needed to turn my adversity into power. That I need to live this life big enough for two people. Maybe it sounds strange to some people, but that idea alone empowers me to live this life differently than most are accustomed to. I want to love more, smile more, live more.

This song is a life story and an anthem for a boy who lost his other half. Tell the world that I’m livin’ this life for two.

Momma’s Boy (Annie’s Song)

Most of y’all who know me out there are aware that my mommy lost her life to a freak thing called C-Diff 3 years ago. There are so many things I could tell you about her. I could be here writing for an entire lifetime trying to explain everything my mommy taught me.

The person I have become today is in large part because of her love, character and values she etched into my heart as I grew up.

She really was my biggest fan when it came to this music. She loved seeing me go hard for my dreams.

Her bedroom was right next to my studio, and she had to deal with all the rapping, singing and all the loudness that went on in there on a daily basis.

When I lost her, I was mad at God for a very long time. I was mad at myself. I cried myself to sleep for months. There were just so many things I wished I did differently. Once I gathered myself, I wanted to write her a song and tell her how much I loved her.

This song ‘Momma’s Boy (Annie’s Song)’ was written a couple months after I lost her. I couldn’t physically sing it without crying until this past year. Even now, I it super tough. I wanted it to be beautiful, yet for the listener to feel my pain.

Losing my mother is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It is that bad.

The only assurance I have is that she is with our Father in heaven right now with my brother Carsten. She missed him so much it was crazy. His life ended way to early and she couldn’t wait to hold him again.

This record is an ode to her beauty inside and out, all she did for this boy Kevan and all the things I wish I would have told her when I had the chance.

If you still have your mommy, I said it before and I will continue to say it. Let her know how much you love her while you still have the chance. It will be too late before you know it.

Good Ol’ Days

This song is a realization that we all need to embrace today. It’s time to stop wallowing in our sorrows and understand today is a day we will never get back. The song placement is ideal coming directly after a song about my brother and mommy. It is perfectly fine to grieve for loved ones and appreciate the past, but I believe our loved ones would want us to make the most of today.

Sure, sometimes we can help our self from thinking about the past and how great it was. Often times we can our favorite times, the ‘Good Ol’ Days’.

I find myself doing that all the time. But the reality is, though I lost my mommy, I am fortunate enough to have my daddy and so many other loved ones in the world. Failing to recognize that today could very well be my last day with anyone of them empowers me to live differently.

I want to live with no regrets. Though may be impossible to do, understanding we are living in the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ right now, helps me to live life to the fullest and minimize any regrets I may have one day.

Never Too Old (feat. Shannon Segin)

This song has a very simple message. You are never ever too old to dream. The older I get, the more dreams pop into my head. Age will never ever hold me back from anything.

I truly feel like this world turns people into prisoners of thought by telling them when they can and should do something. That you are too old or too young to do certain things. I couldn’t disagree more.

As I have said repeatably, everything starts with a dream. If you have succumbed to the idea that you are too old for anything, then this song is for you. Be encouraged. Let this be your anthem.

Let it fuel you through whatever this world throws your way when you decide to go for your dreams. However young or old you are, never ever let anyone or anything in this world make you feel ashamed for pursuing your dreams. Your time is now.


Aptly named, ‘Purity’ – this record is about remaining pure until marriage. I am very outspoken in talking about the importance of saving yourself for marriage. Thus far, I don’t know of any cool people or songs that encourage people to remain pure.

Why is that? Every other song on the radio today is about sex. Maybe it always has been. That’s what older people tell me. Regardless, I believe it’s time to change that.

Anybody who knows me knows how passionate I am about purity and encouraging others to save themselves for marriage. When we fail to educate and encourage people to remain pure, we leave it to the world to influence and teach them about wrongly about something God created. It isn’t right. For one reason or another, we are scared to talk about it or make it cool.

The fact remains, God created sex for marriage. A bond for two people fused before God to share in the context of marriage. When we educate others about this in a way in which they can connect and relate too, we are doing a great thing.

This was the goal with this song. I take whatever influence I have on this generation very seriously. I want people to realize their full potential and the life God has in store for them.

I heard a great sermon series by one of my favorite pastors ever, Ed Young about relationships. He compared having sex before marriage to taking a Ferrari off-roading on rough terrain that the car wasn’t meant to drive through. This is a great example of what can happen to us. When we do things married people do before the commitment of marriage we feel things we shouldn’t feel and ultimately stray from the life we were made to live.

Save Me Now (feat. Lizzie Bauman & MP)

This song ‘Save Me Now” was a collaboration with my baby sister Lizzie & my best friend Matt who was formerly known as FAM. He wanted a fresh start in this music thing as well, that’s why he now goes by MP.

Most long time fans of mine will most likely enjoy this song the most since it resembles my older hip-hop style.

The idea of the song was being so lost and so far gone that I thought even God couldn’t save me. It was really a cry for help.

I have been so close to giving up on this whole music thing. There were times I wanted to so badly, but whenever I tried to ignore all the lyrics and song ideas that popped in my head, I would have to get them out. To be honest, life is just so much easier and less stressful without music. I was tired of all the hard work, all the sacrifices, all the problems that came from chasing an extraordinary dream – I was tired of everything.

I was in need of a hero. I thought if God could do anything, he could save me from myself. I wanted God to give me some peace of mind that whatever I did in life was good enough, regardless what the masses thought.

Be Still

Again, one of my favorite songs ever written, ‘Be Still’ comes from a bible verse that says, Be still and know that I am God.

This radiated with me. What did that even mean? Be Still? The more I thought about it the more it made sense.

I meant no matter what I said and no matter what I did, God was in charge. It tells me to relax – to take a chill pill.

This song itself is really a conversation with God. Powerful, because of the contrast. Throughout the entire song on one end is a young man venting all his doubts, thoughts and frustrations with his life. On the other end, is a God who has nothing but love and adoration for his child.

However, I can’t hear him when he speaks.

Why? Maybe I am to wrapped up in my own emotion to focus in on what God has to say. Whatever the reason, throughout the entire song I’m listening for God to speak, to be there for me, hear my prayers and answer my questions. Little do I know he is there the entire time saying, ‘I got this and I love you.’

New Life

So many favorites, but this one is up there for real.

‘New Life’ was actually an idea I came up with after the bulk of the album was written. I wanted to write a song anybody off the street could hear, say it’s dope, listen to the lyrics and message about a regular guy who gave it all to Jesus, invite others to do the same and the rest is history.

Why is it called ‘New Life’? I really feel once I started living to please the Father, he breathed fresh air into me and I literally had a new life. I was set free from that moment on.

No more caring about what the world has to say about me and the way I live my live. Despite the fact I look to encourage, inspire and make people proud – nothing matters to me more than putting a smile of God’s almighty face. That is what sets me free.

I am a sinner and because of that I will always fail you guys out there. However, I will never fail God. No matter how much we screw up, he can and will breath new life into me and you.

Music On A Mission (feat. MP)

‘Music On A Mission’ is really my new motto. What does it mean? That’s simple.

From here on out the music I write needs to have a purpose bigger than me. The biggest purpose it could ever have would be to encourage and inspire others to live the life they were made to live. Ultimately, leading them to Jesus.

That is music on a mission.

For this record I wanted to feature my friend Matt once again. Anybody who knew us as ‘Bau Down & FAM’ knows we like to have fun together. We did some pretty big things together musically and had a whole lot of fun at our shows with our crazy songs.

I can’t deny that we still like to have loads of fun, but we have definitely both grown up and aim to bring our maturity to the music we make. This is a great moment for the both of us. I would not be anywhere near who I am or where I’m going if it wasn’t for friends like him. He has always been by my side supporting me through every twist and turn on this musical journey.

We Are One (feat. Kaufdrop)

This song has a very simple concept. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and we are one.

In everything we say and do, we need to portray to one another this idea. We are brothers and sisters. It should be super important to us to treat the homeless man on the corner the same way we would treat our family. Super tough to do, but nobody said being a Christian would be easy.

Who is Kaufdrop? Glad you asked. His name is Jonah and his is one of my Fuel Student Ministry students from my home church in Palatine. He has been a friend of mine for many years now. I have seen him grow from a little guy into someone taller than me…barely. He knows every TobyMac lyric ever and just started to write his own rhymes. I really wanted to get him involved with this music thing, so I hope you welcome him with open arms.

Only You

This is a song about my beautiful girlfriend Sarah. Those who know her see how one of a kind special she is from the moment they meet her. Conversely, few may realize the tremendous impact she has had in molding me into who I am today.

Before Sarah, I knew next to nothing about Christian music. When we started to date, she exposed me to a music world I never knew about. I firmly believe she was placed into my life for many reasons. One of those was to steer me down the musical path I travel today.

This song is a love story. Since losing my mommy, she has rightfully become my biggest fan in everything I do.


Previously released as a single under my former alias, ‘Bau Down’ – ‘Pride’ is an upbeat anthem for all sports team to jam to pre-game.

If you know me, you know I am huge into sports and fitness. This song is a battle cry to go out and lay it all on the line for yourself and your teammates.

Pride (KMB Remix)

This is a super-dope remix to the original song, ‘Pride’.

God’s Plan (Radio Edit)

The radio edit of the title track ‘God’s Plan’ is a shortened version of the song, simply to be more radio friendly. This is God’s Plan. That’s the life for me.

I know this was long, thanks for reading!

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