Break Bread

Break Bread

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Over the weekend we released another brand new KMB single, Break Bread.

The track is an extremely significant letter to the music world with a very powerful message.

For too long, the music world has been a very segmented place. That issue has been the subject of fierce debates for quite some time, but especially as of late.

It is apparent that even among the Christian music world – for one reason or another the tendency is not to reach out your hand & help other artists up, but instead to push them down.

KMB has been very vocal about his own experiences with this very issue throughout his musical journey.

On his new record, Break Bread – he talks about only wanting to ‘break bread’ with his peers, making peace & sharing the stage with them. However, like many before him, he continues to feel scorned by the very people he calls friends.

The statement, ‘In this game I am humble, but won’t hesitate to rumble. Ya’ll can get it with a couple words said, but if it’s up to me I’d just rather break bread.’ sums it all up.

The brilliance of Break Bread, is that it is a peace treaty offering while explaining what will happen if it continues to be ignored.

It is crystal clear that unless everyone lays their weapons down & focus on the greater good, the music world will continue down this destructive path.

The Christian world needs to be different. We have to set the standard. We are all on the same team. We can do so much more together than we could ever do alone.

Let’s change the game.

Thank you for your continued support

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