Walking His Ways (feat. KJ-52)

Walking His Ways (feat. KJ-52)

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the brand new KMB single, ‘Walking His Ways’ w/ KJ-52.

Yes, you heard it right – KMB teamed up with KJ-52 on this record. God is moving.

All throughout history, God continually chose to use the most unqualified individuals to do extraordinary things in his name. This track is a beautiful anthem for believers everywhere to trust that the God of the universe is a way-maker. He can & will make miracles of our biggest messes.

To the lost & broken, this is your reminder that it is never too late for you to walk in his ways. To live the life you have been called to live.

The track is now available for streaming & download on all media platforms. Be sure to like it, share it with your community! We are God’s hands & feet here in this world. Someone out there needs to here this message.

Let’s change the world.

Thank you for your continued support!

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