Kevan Michael Bauman




Memphis, Tennessee – USA


BA – Valparaiso University, IN – USA

Political Science, Public Relations, & Psychology.

December 2006

MAT – Concordia University, IL – USA

Physical Education & Exercise Science.

December 2016

Mission Statement

Success is using my talents & blessings to light the way for everyone in my path to the God of the universe.


Christian recording artist & music producer Kevan Michael Bauman (KMB) began his musical journey as a kid growing up just outside of Chicago, Illinois.
As a child born into an incredibly talented musical family, Kevan would often visit his grandfather’s music recording studio where he first experienced the magic of music creation.
Watching his grandfather create and having the opportunity to sing various records that his grandfather had written sparked a fire in Kevan at an early age for the creative process of music.
As he grew, his mother taught him more about music and the arts – instilling many intangible assets such as reverence, work ethic and craft development which made Kevan stand out amongst other talent.
Quite rapidly, Kevan began to earn leading performance roles in plays, shows and musicals, as well as, winning several talent competitions.
As he progressed, his focus eventually moved back towards where his fire began – music creation.
Over time, Kevan boldly invested in home recording studio equipment and track production software. In turn, he devoted thousands of hours into both developing his craft of song writing and learning the art of modern music production.
Despite being extremely independent and ambitious, the opportunity to learn from and work with other cutting-edge talent along the way gave him confidence and unlocked his imagination.
As a fan passionate about numerous styles and genres of music, Kevan began to fashion together his own unique sound using elements of all his favorite musical inspirations. Needless to say, his love for rap and hip-hop music combined with his desire to sing, certainly pioneered an unmistakable style of its own.
Over time, Kevan’s do-it-himself mentality grew even stronger. With continued dedication to greatness, he was steadfast in learning to master everything from song writing to track mixing and mastering. He would also significantly develop other creative skill sets, such as website construction, graphic design and video editing to compliment his musical venture.
It wasn’t long before Kevan started releasing his own original music. After dropping several full-length albums and singles, his music exploded and gained a massive audience on social media giants like MySpace, ReverbNation and SoundClick.
Despite having no record label to advocate for him, several of Kevan’s records have been featured on mainstream media, prominent playlists and climbed the heights of digital music charts.
His groundbreaking album, God’s Plan, was prominently featured on the number one Christian music website, New Release Today – as the designated album of the month alongside Grammy award winner Lauren Daigle. In turn, the album received hundreds of thousands of downloads and received international attention in the following weeks.
His accolades as an independent artist are rather impressive, especially given the fact Kevan continues to do most everything himself.
While many would choose to boast, instead he emphatically gives all the glory to God. A mindset he didn’t always have.
It wasn’t until there was an unmistakable call by God to use his talents to make Him known, that Kevan fully dedicated himself to the path that he is on now. Today, with faith as his fuel – he has never felt so driven and excited, yet so at peace with where this extraordinary journey leads him.
With outstanding support from his loyal following, radio stations, renowned media outlets and websites, Kevan’s music has the privileged ability to reach audiences all around the world.
With an abundance of new music being created as we speak, his passionate following has genuine reason to be extremely excited for the future and how God plans to use Kevan to build His kingdom.

Life Verse

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16