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KMB – Be Still (Official Music Video)

Ladies & Gentlemen, Incredible news! KMB released the official music video for his record, Be Still. The video can be viewed on YouTube: or directly on the official KMB website: If you are a fan of KMB, we…

Dear Marshall

Dear Marshall, I know you never asked to be a role model. Still, like countless others, I grew up wanting to be just like you. In my humble opinion, your one-of-a-kind musical genius always took a backseat to your fearlessness….

Blessed Beyond Belief

I would like to start by patting myself on the back, I got to this blog post without any technological help from Kevan! As I was getting logged in here on, I was trying to figure out what I…

If Jesus Had A Twitter

Ladies & Gentlemen, Most of you know that I am huge into Twitter & Instagram. If you know me, you know my feelings about good ol’ Facebook. For the past few days though, I have been thinking. Lately, deep thoughts…

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