Halo Ball

Halo Ball

The origin story of Halo Ball started through a life-long relationship with best friend & co-founder Brandon Ng.

After many years of creating revolutionary sports & games to entertain generations of youth every summer, Kevan & Brandon grew into a creative powerhouse.

This time, inspired by the freedom of 360 degree gameplay and player safety, Brandon approached Kevan with the idea of hanging a hoop between two trees or poles. Realizing they were on to something huge, the two immediately went into creative mode for months to perfect the product & engineer quality gameplay.

After months of prototypes and experimentation, the first generation Halo Hoop hit the market.

Boosted by several viral gameplay videos and features by ABC, House of Highlights, Barstool, The Score, Whistle Sports & more – the first generation of Halo Hoops sold out instantly.

Despite the whirlwind of success, the second generation Halo Hoop released shortly after featuring several innovative changes.

Today, Halo Ball is quickly receiving national attention on every level.  It is slated to enter many school districts physical education curriculum & park district athletic programs in the coming days.

The sky is the limit! There is such excitement around the Halo Ball community as it is well on its way to be a household name in sports.